Ben Young
Ben Young
July 3, 2014

Native Ad Campaign of the Week: Summer To-Do Calendar by Leinenkugel

Don’t let the summer pass you by! Find inspiring BuzzFeed posts for every important date and make the next few months memorable.

Source: Buzzfeed

Why we like it:
 It’s timely with summer here, has real utility showing summer event and brand tie in with Leinenkugel Summer Shandy.  Clean, simple well executed.


Quote of the Week:


Source: BeetTV



Is Google getting into the native-advertising game?

Google may be on the verge of cracking the code to that elusive grail of native advertising: doing it at massive scale.

Google could pose a considerable threat to widgets like Outbrain and Taboola that already live on hundreds of publishers’ sites under banners like “Promoted Stories” and “From the Web.”

Source: DigiDay


4 Reasons Why Native Ads are the Best Way to Reach Mobile Customers

With so much of digital time now taking place on mobile devices, smart advertisers are quickly shifting budgets from display and search to mobile ads.


According to eMarketer, mobile ad spend is expected to increase 56% to $15 billion in 2014, compared to a measly 0.4% growth for display. However, advertisers are just as quickly realizing that the standard banner ads they have been using on display elicit a much weaker response on mobile. Why? It’s simple – we don’t interact with mobile phones the same way we do with our desktops.

Source: ampush


What native advertising can learn from the World Cup

While England, Spain and Italy will be licking their wounds and flying home in disappointment, we take a look at what comparisons can be drawn between native advertising and the sporting event of the year.


Source: econsultancy



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The 2014 Native Advertising Summit in Washington DC is starting July 9th.

There is a Native Advertising Summit being held by ShareThrough in San Francisco July 22nd.  We’ll be there.


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