Ben Young
Ben Young
June 18, 2015

Campaign of the Week:

These are the tools you should be using to book travel

Technology has radically altered the landscape of travel planning in recent years, creating a profusion of websites, apps, and devices designed to book trips better—making it significantly more difficult to cut through the noise in the process. The solution is a carefully edited mix drawn from the hundreds of available services, which in combination can smooth out a potentially rocky odyssey into a seamless journey tailored for efficiency or pleasure.


Why we like it:

Travel arrangements are something we are constantly trying to simplify, reduce the hassle and most importantly the cost. What better than an app that does it for you? Delta is helping us to plan our travel by suggesting all the best apps. Including the Fly Delta App of course.

Source: Quartz

Quote of the Week:

 Source: Sword and the Script


Cards Are Fueling In-Stream Ad Growth & Transforming Digital Advertising

In-stream native advertising is thriving with the rise of mobile, but it’s cards that will keep propelling growth in ad spend. Cards have changed the way we experience digital content, and now they are transforming the way we experience and interact with digital advertising.

Source: MarketingLand


AOL Now Has an In-House Creative Agency to Make Ads for Brands

Add AOL to the list of publishers that have gone from selling ads to making ads. AOL has created an internal division called Partner Studio that is charged with creating content for advertisers.

Source: AdAge


CNN Unveils New Studio to Produce Content for Advertisers

CNN is creating an in-house studio that will produce news-like content on behalf of advertisers, a move that reflects marketers’ growing desire for articles and videos that feel like editorial work.


Source: CMO Today


Google Launches Key Ad Tech Tools for Publishers and Marketers

Google is going to add cross-device measurement to DoubleClick, in addition to supporting programmatic buying and native ads across the platform.

Source: Search Engine Watch


What Native Ads Mean for PR

The romance has barely started, but for many in PR, there’s a love-hate relationship with native ads. The market is confused as to what these are, there’s a credible argument about misleading readers, a potential Google problem, and an open-ended question that remains unanswered as to regulation.

Source: Sword and the Script


Consumers wary of native advertising but accept it is part of how they get free news

Traditional display advertising on the web is in trouble. Fewer people are clicking on banners, yields for publishers are static or falling, and many users shut off ads completely. Our research shows that in both the US and UK between a third and a half of online news users use software that blocks the most popular forms of display advertising.

Source: The Media Briefing



And finally a little something from us, Five Tips for Bloggers Networks on Paid Content Campaigns.

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