Thanks to Chart Mogul, we were inspired to share a little insight into what keeps us going at Nudge. These apps provide us with the technology to manage the elements which make up our product. They enable our team to communicate efficiently throughout all the different areas of production and keep things running smoothly from concept to client.



Handles the infrastructure, scaling and performance of our databases, on our choice of provider – currently AWS.



Powers all of our services – it’s the backbone of our software, keeping everything up and running. We use EC2, S3, Route53, IAM and CloudFront.


Real-time messages and web sockets are key to our services, allowing us to provide true time on page and engagement data.


This allows the devs to respond right away if a service isn’t up and running.


Powers the transactional emails we send each day, for example, when someone saves a campaign or a new account is created.

New Relic

App performance monitoring is crucial to find out where the bottlenecks are and where we can make improvements.



Logging all errors to one place makes it much easier to debug issues that crop up.



Code repository hosting and issue tracking.


Continuous delivery plays a big part in our process. It allows us to push updates to production several times a day, without the fear of everything toppling over.


Nudge Analytics

We of course use Nudge across our website and any content we publish to track it’s performance.


–And thats all from us for today!