Ben Young
Ben Young
September 24, 2014

We are seeking a junior product manager to join our team. Itโ€™s a generalist sort of role including: product design, management and some hands on marketing.

Day to day includes:
– Management of product growth & refinement
– Design, collateral & product
– Marketing of product: content & advertising
– Learning
– Lots of coffee
– Banter

It is a design heavy role but as weโ€™re a small team we want a dash of the rest.

Culture wise, you are probably inspired by Apple design, Johnny Ive, Gehry, Lloyd Wright, have a bit of technical house (some html/css is beneficial) but are intrigued by how the world works.

You are familiar with Adobe Creative Suite as well as Keynote and design for retina. We work on macs and ideally you do too.

Our product is a content analytics platform built for native ads, that might sound like a mouthful but what we do is measure brands work, tell them if it was good or not and where to improve. Whilst simple in execution Nudge is quite powerful, helping solve the problem of benchmarking creative across multiple channels online.

We are a NY based startup, founded out of New Zealand, a small agile team in a global operation. We pride ourselves on the ability to pivot and adjust, itโ€™s not the fast the slow

The ideal candidate is fresh out of university, ready to be challenged, ambitious, curious. Weโ€™re looking for an all rounder, not a specialist, in this industry itโ€™s about having the people you know who can take the challenges tomorrow which are yet to be defined, not those that are obvious today. You have part-time experience but full time post-uni not required.

Work culture is tight, we pay for lunch every Friday, ongoing training and/or attending of events (we do a lot). Networking is great. You will get lots of attention and feedback, our work style is very collaborative and we all push one another to do the best work. And you get to be at the early stages of a massive industry – native ads.

Apply today. Show us your work and/or what inspires you, pinterest links accepted.

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