Ben Young
Ben Young
June 27, 2024

Edition #455

From who won Cannes to Oslo with their campaign and closed pilots on attention.

This week I promised some data on who won Cannes? Using our attention model on earned media, we took a look. With attention metrics getting adoption in the advertising mix, PR is also looking to adopt better measures of impact and quality. 

The idea is that, getting a mention isn’t enough, you want earned media that has impact. And in that regard Elon is the surefire winner, getting multiple write ups in the trades, but clocking in at an average of 50 seconds. 

The industry liked that he turned up, handled the criticism from his prior comments and got stuck in. And this naturally extended to X, who had slightly lower attention at 48 seconds. 

If AI was a person, they would be doing well too, clocking up an average of 58 seconds per mention. 

And of the social platforms, normally Meta or Snap or Google would dominate but they were more under the radar this year, at least compared to TikTok. Who come in at an average of 54 seconds. 

Also this week I had an edit on WITI on future money drops! Not the same topic as this newsletter but an interesting thought. And a result of me going down a rabbit hole starting with Benjamin Franklin and his will. 

Finally, we are running a series of closed pilots for analytically focused advertisers & agencies, who want to see the impact of page attention on their campaigns. The thesis being, that pages within a domain can vary in quality, so you need to go further than the domain to optimize to attention metrics. Anyway if you’re a regular reader, you’d be a great candidate to take part. Ping me and I can give the details. We will have others coming through the year for other parts of the eco-system too.

Notable stories this week


  • A24 raises funding round led by Thrive Capital, valuing studio at $3.5b.
  • Interpublic explores sale of R/GA to Tara Consulting Services.
  • OpenAI acquires search and analytics startup Rockset.
  • Nielson spinoff Claritas hires Jefferies to pursue a sale.

Campaign of the week 

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Smartest commentary

  • “Brands are struggling to build a strong data foundation beyond third-party cookies, and risk hurting their business”Adobe study.

Datapoints of note


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