Gustaf Stenlund
Gustaf Stenlund
February 24, 2017

DoubleClick is used by the vast majority of leading advertisers, agencies and publishers, and some of the things we keep hearing in the market are:
a. As an agency or advertiser we’re already supplying everything through DCM and would like our content analytics to be wrapped up in this.

b. Some publishers aren’t able to install the code directly on the page but we can install via DCM.
Follow this link for integration setup: Nudge + DoubleClick integration
Nudge is a simple piece of code that’s easy to install. Once the code is up, marketers can measure campaigns straight away. Nudge work with most tag managers with push integrations such as WordPress, Google Tag Manager, DCM and more.
Nudge helps marketers convert more customers, without additional plugin/code requirements.
Talk to an account manager today, to learn how Nudge can integrate into your existing workflow.