Gustaf Stenlund
Gustaf Stenlund
February 15, 2018

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Nudge Update, February 2018

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️
To celebrate we wanted to share a couple of Valentine’s Day articles with you:

With Nudge being the first and only company to provide deep and timely content marketing analytics across all media partners, we’ve vowed to do a lot more content backed by Nudge data. Another example of that is the Super Bowl piece we published earlier this month, covering the best content formats + ad delivery times during gameday.
Ari Levine, CRO of Nudge, shared his story to date, his excitement of joining Nudge and why he's been wearing Adidas sneakers, near exclusively, since 1989.
Two weeks back the New York Times blew holes in the business of influencers and our CEO Ben Young, penned a response. Our favorite line in the original article is the shade thrown at the Marketing Consultant/Professor who bought hundreds of thousands of followers and shared that the “true secret to celebrity influence” is ”authenticity is the key”.
 ^speaking of authenticity, Nudge blocked 5.9 million bots last week.
Keep up with the latest trends in the industry with our continuously updated article ‘The State of Content’. Also useful for supporting data in presentation decks.
Check out the best native ads from 2018 [updated weekly]. You can submit work too. *pro tip: bookmark this page to come back throughout the year to learn from the very best in the industry.
Finally, just a reminder to check out our video solutions!

On Valentine’s Day, Consumers Spend 69% Longer on Quizzes

We share what the best content formats + distribution times are on Valentine’s Day.

How Variety’s Content Studio Created Exceptional Valentine’s Day Content

We interviewed Variety’s talented in-house content team about the Loving campaign they rolled out together with Focus Features called “The Fight For Love Continues”.

Super Bowl | Ad Predictions, Content Formats & Distribution Insights

We looked closer at the best performing content formats for branded content during Super Bowl, as well as the best times to distribute content.

Rock My Adidas

Rock My Adidas by Ari Levine

Ari Levine, Nudge’s Chief Revenue Officer, shares his story to date, his deep passion for storytelling and his reasons for joining Nudge.

Let the data speak

The article surmises and shines the light on the elephant in the room for influencer based advertising. Are they real followers? Are they the right audience? Turns out not always.

The State of Content

We take a look at the evolving landscape of branded content by sharing trends and analysis from the past year mixed with regular updates throughout 2018.

The Best Native Advertising Examples of 2018 [continuously updated]

Best native ads of 2018, a running update

We’ve started keeping a running tally of the best campaigns of 2018.

Nudge Video Solutions

We help agencies get viewability on the performance of their paid content efforts.

A Word from our Lead Developer…

“This month we’re working away behind the scenes to bring deeper integrations into popular social networking sites, allowing us to display deeper metrics, faster, and with better rich insights.

We’re also working to start to bring CommonSense into each of your campaign dashboards, giving you a first responder for any common campaign hiccups that can occur.”
That’s it from us!
Make sure you connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, to hear the latest and greatest of what we’re doing, and seeing across the Branded Content + Native Advertising communities. Of course, if you’re thinking of getting started with Nudge, check out our quick guide for getting started, or just shoot us a message.
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