Gustaf Stenlund
Gustaf Stenlund
August 24, 2017

With Nudge, marketers now have a connection from behavior, to demographics, to purchase intent.
This means that they now have the full view of exactly how impactful your content is on your audiences, from start to finish, and where you need to optimize in accordance with the business objectives.

Nudge demographics looks at metrics such as attention minutes, gender and age. It’s one of many of our latest additions to the platform, and itโ€™s a game changer.
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The Nudge Demographics enables marketers to…


  • Verify that youโ€™re reaching the intended audiences.
  • Make sure that theyโ€™re actually consuming it/finding it interesting.
  • Learn who is consuming your content and if youโ€™re having an impact on them.
  • Understand the kinds of creative content you need to develop.
  • Unveil the kinds of media buys you should make.
  • Uncover opportunities to see if your content is being consumed by other demographics, i.e. figure out the kinds of audiences you need to develop for marketing and remarketing campaigns.

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