Ben Young
Ben Young
January 6, 2020

Nudge is commonly thought of, as the behavioral economics book. Or ‘nudging’ consumers along. The third pillar (amongst marketers) is us, Nudge, the software company.

So what is Nudge?

  • Nudge is the act of prodding someone, to pay attention to something else.
  • Nudge is a popular book of the same name, getting into behavioral theory, more on Nudge theory here.
  • Nudge is a software company, that creates marketing software that gives data and insights to Nudge your marketing along.

For us here at software company Nudge, that is the literal way we came up with the name, see this excerpt below:

Initially, this was called ‘Promo Engine’ – not the best name. But I spent a few months going back and forth with Joe on the team, to come up with some names. We landed on Nudge because we went, that is what you’d do to someone, to pay attention to what we were telling you.

The threat was it would be called ViralStartr if we didn’t come up with a better name.

It worked well, as we could embrace the idea of ‘give it a nudge’ in our domain and tagline. Give your marketing a Nudge, i.e. use the data to Nudge your business along.