Native advertising is used to create ads that appear less like ads and more like the content on the page that is being browsed. This form of advertising is used to overcome banner blindness, a phenomenon where website visitors consciously or subconsciously ignore display ads. Native advertising works by matching content and using the trust the audience has for the website that is being viewed. BIf you haven’t already, you should consider implementing this hot and incredibly effective form of advertising into your company’s digital marketing campaign. To get you started, Nudge has compiled a list of native advertising companies:1. AdNow [] Allows brands to promote content through a self-serve platform.2. AdRecover [] Ad network that works exclusively on recovering ad blocked inventory.3. AdsNative [] Platform that uses both in-feed and in-ad placement strategy.4. Adtile [] Redefining sensor technologies.5. AdYouLike [] Enable advertisers to spread brand content natively.6. BidTellect [] Open, multi-format, multi-device native marketing platform.7. Connatix [] Allowing brands to feature their content across web and mobile media properties.8. Distroscale [] Content marketing platform and marketplace.9. Gravity [] Editorial and analytics tools to personalize video on the web.10. Hexagram [] Extensible and distributed technology platform.11. Instinctive [] Storytelling platform built for brands.12. Kargo [] Mobile advertising strategies that launch brands.13. MoPub [] Ad serving solution built for mobile publishers.14. NamoMedia [] Turn your content stream into revenue stream.15. Native Ads [] Helping publishers earn money generating higher CPMs and CTRs .16. Nativo [] Works with more than 400 publishers and powers native ads for some of the most recognized media companies.17. Outbrain [] Content discovery platform18. Plista [] Innovative solutions and content distribution for native advertising.19. Polar [] Powers a publisher’s native ads program.20. PowerLinks [] Programmatic native advertising platform.21. PubNative [] Mobile publisher platform.22. Revcontent [] Fast growing content recommendation network.23. ShareThrough [] Native advertising software.24. Taboola [] Platform for content recommendation, audience acquisition and native advertising.25. TripleLift [] Native programmatic platform with RTB capabilities for buying and selling native advertising.26. Yahoo Gemini [] Search and native advertising solutions.27. YieldMo [] Private marketplace helping publishers and advertisers reach their audiences.28. Zemanta [] Omni-channel DSP enabling marketers to automate paid content promotion.If you’re not on this list and would like to be added, email us