Gustaf Stenlund
Gustaf Stenlund
February 20, 2014


Unfortunately we couldn’t make it to Digiday this time around, but we’ll make sure to let you in on some great stuff regarding the event, such as things you can do around the venue and places you definitely shouldn’t miss out on while you’re in La Quinta, Palm Springs. We’ll also write about exciting topics here in our blog, so be sure to check in from time to time!

Three big trends in digital advertising

There are always new things happening in the digital marketing landscape. We’re going to talk a look at a few trends that will be hitting the ground running in 2014.

Cross-device & Cross-channel measurement

In this day and age the average person has more than three devices to get online and connect; these include PC’s, smart phones and tablets (Source: PBS). Now, this is a big task for any marketer. The dilemma is to reach their target audiences and connect with them over all the different devices. If it was hard before, this has made it even more difficult. Marketers will need to reach a person over all the different devices and also hit all the essential touchpoints, if they are to succeed. There will definitely be new solutions for this in 2014. Another thing that is really trendy is cross-channel measurements. Companies will no longer accept inaccurate measurements; analytics will unquestionably become more refined and a more valuable tool to companies due to the fact that they’ll want to make sure that their marketing strategies are working properly, and if not, understand why that is.

Mobile Advertising

For many years, mobile has been predicted to be “the year of mobile”. The only difference this year is that it seems to becoming a reality. This will lead to that marketers will be using more money from their pockets toward their mobile programs this year (Source: PBS). Something that makes this a big trend is that there is real growth in mobile revenue; marketers in the UK estimate that mcommerce is expected to increase by 53.3% in 2014 (Source: The Guardian), this shows that the money will follow consumer impressions, something that is progressing mobile devices. A statistic that puts this trend into perspective is that mobile-advertising was set to double to $9.6 billion in 2013; by 2014 this number is reportedly jumping another staggering $5 billion. In 2013 there was rapid escalation in mobile spending and 2014 will be no different, which means that marketers will really have their attention set on the mobile era for years to come.  

Things are getting way more personal

The general idea of how a brand should make things more personal for their individual consumers has always been to craft messages fitting to a particular person. Therefore a brand could boost their relevance and also their sales to that person. The challenge of personalization has been one steep and bumpy road for a long time and has by many been deemed as unattainable, especially on the cheap. For decades marketers have tried to find better and more effective ways to address the needs of their individual consumers. There are now existing solutions to the marketers, something that hundreds of the leading advertisers are practicing today, which enables the possibility of directly communicating to millions of people on a one-to-one basis (Source: PBS ). This figure is expected to explode in 2014 and advertising is definitely going to get more personal as this will become an essential strategy for every progressive consumer marketing business.

It really is an exciting time to be a marketer!