Nudge, Product Releases

Nudge partners with OutBrain

We’re excited to announce our partnership with OutBrain. What do they do? Links to your content appear as recommendations at the bottom of articles on top publisher sites where people are looking for something new to discover. OutBrain facilitates this. This means we’re able to use Nudge to help optimize and leverage your content campaigns. […] Read More

by , April 16, 2014

Nudge, Product Releases

A sneak peek at our new dashboard

The new Nudge dashboard will roll out in the next release. It has been completely redesigned to be more aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate. Most of the improvements are visual, looking at the data in a new way. Our graphs have been opened up to show the flow of data. At a glance we can […] Read More

by , April 16, 2014

Strategy & Tactics

A guide to Content marketing’s #1 goal – Brand Awareness

Advertisers seem to be on a perpetuating hunt for the new innovative spot for their marketing message in order to reach brand awareness. Ads are basically everywhere; in the taxi, on the train, billboards, magazines, public bathrooms and even all the way onto our bare skin, and we see them as much as 5000 times each day. So how are […] Read More

by , April 14, 2014

Strategy & Tactics

The Power of Emotion in Content Marketing – What makes it Shareable?

The best way to engage with your audience and potential customers is via content marketing. It’s handy when you want to improve your search rankings, increase brand loyalty, engagement, visibility, and driving social sharing and interaction. Emotional engagement is a fundamental aspect in every successful content marketing strategy. Right now, one of the biggest trends […] Read More

by , April 11, 2014

Use Cases

How Nudge can help with Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach is a tried and tested methodology for brands to reach outside their audiences and capitalize on the great communities passionate independent bloggers have created. The challenge has been – how do we substantiate that value? Not only from the bloggers perspective – they want to charge fair pricing, and fair pricing means they […] Read More

by , April 7, 2014