Ben Young
Ben Young
June 24, 2022

Edition #373

CBC retains its branded content division, Twitter notes and on being interesting.

One big thing

Cannes was back this week! David Berkowitz jammed on a take on Anti Canne (whilst he attended). As did Sir Martin.

We didn’t go this year, the simple equation was that when we calculated a per head cost, it was double last time we attended. Ouch.

That’s not to say it’s not worth it, but where else could that money go to work more effectively? What if that went into the product. Etc etc.

We can rationalize these decisions but I bet for many, reconnecting with peers and getting inspired, was worth it. And not necessarily tangible. Maybe next year for us.

Now no one likes to be surprised, especially when it comes to data. And for our own data I’ve built a muscle memory over time so can see when things shift. So when something jumps out I pay attention to it.

One of the analysis we have been doing is looking at earned impressions but also earned attention. Seeing not just drives clicks but what drives engagement. For us, LinkedIn is driving an outsized quality of traffic. But we don’t really do anything on LinkedIn, so it’s messages, profile visits etc. Word of mouth and higher intent is driving that quality.

So, do I rush and to do more LinkedIn? Well, maybe, but my ROI right now is pretty unbeatable. Maybe best to focus on the things which create that word of mouth. And take some of the gravy.

That’s Steve Bryant’s riff this week on creating interesting stuff. Give it a peek, you won’t regret it.

Notable stories this week


Campaign of the Week

Smartest commentary

  • “Stuff that asks “how can we help our audience be themselves”, vs. “how can we get our audience to buy our things”. Stuff that could only be uniquely created by a single brand with a singular voice. Stuff that inspires, empathizes, helps, builds trust.”Steve Bryant, Strategist

Datapoints of note

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