Gustaf Stenlund
Gustaf Stenlund
June 12, 2019

Read on as we share the latest content, product features, upcoming events and more.

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Nudge Update, June 2019

Today, we are excited to share two big things with you, which will enable you to:

1. Know what content your competitors are doing and where.

2. Optimize your media buying to Nudge metrics from any DSP.

So, make sure you keep that scroll-pace slow and steady, to learn more. ???

We’ve been working on a secret project for some time now, and so far, it’s been kept out of the limelight. That is, until now!

We thought, who best to let have the first sneak peek than our fantastic newsletter readers!

So without further ado, let me introduce you to our latest product, Intel by Nudge (beta).

The vision: it’s hard to keep track of which brands are partnering where, and saying what.

When everyone has access to what brands are doing in native, the quality of the work will get better, and the outcomes will improve.

Intel by nudge features all of the world’s branded content, organized in one place. Marketers can view, assess, and understand both the creative and the contexts for where they could put their brands. And most importantly, learn from those who are doing it well.

Our approach: we want to reduce the barriers to understanding content, and bring more brands into the space. Thus, all of Intel by Nudge is free. Our theory is more educated marketers acting on more complete information will make better decisions and see more growth from content.

Why now? per MediaRadar: The number of advertisers buying branded content has leveled off; it has hovered steadily between 2,500 and 3,000 since the beginning of 2018. Nudge data suggests as many as 20,000 brands/year express appetite but get lost in getting started. The market has hit the ceiling of existing capabilities and education.

The disconnect is billions of lost revenue, and a lot of positive business outcomes that are disappearing into the ether.

Built for both creators and marketers: The market has tremendous solutions for media sellers playing inside baseball, but lacks tools for marketers who want to get smarter.

The idea to help educate and bring new buyers in, right across the spectrum. Content requires thoughtful creation and Intel by Nudge helps show off and pay respect to that.

There are many uses cases:

    – Competitive assessment: a marketer could search to see who other brands have partnered with successfully, to keep an eye on who is showing up where. For example, if I am marketing at Hulu, I want to know where Netflix is funding success.

    – Creative inspiration: By showing all native content campaigns in one place, people can get inspiration as to who is doing the most interesting work, down to the category level.

    – Open source: users and community, including the vibrant content-obsessive that read This Week in Native are encouraged to quickly and simply submit their content for inclusion.

Feedback welcomed and we hope Intel by Nudge can be useful to you.

Integration support for DSP’s

You can now optimize your media buying to Nudge metrics from any DSP – here’s how. And if you’d like the automated integration, you can get it via Bidtellect.

Learn more on how Nudge can help your programmatic buying here.


Anatomy of bots, a real life use case

When does a human cross the threshold to become a bot? A real-life use case of when we were trying to get to the source of some specific (suspicious looking) traffic. We were told it couldn’t be bot traffic because it hadn’t been detected as such – well, turns out it was.

Read it here.

Why context in premium environments dominate how we respond to content

If you find the sweet spot between context and other ad components, people will end up paying you more attention. We categorized 66 million paid clicks to content to establish what the best quality environments are for buyers.

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An interview with David Berkowitz

David Berkowitz has written over 500 articles, spoken at more than 300 events, developed marketing strategies for Fortune 500 brands, and guest-lectured at universities like Yale, Rutgers, and MIT.

Read our interview with David, here.

David Berkowitz

How the growing audio space can avoid the missteps of the web

How can audio avoid the mistakes the web made? Where are the opportunities to leapfrog?

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Everything you need to know to team up with Nudge

Our Brand and Sales Associate, Jessica, put together this post to answer any questions you may have when it comes to partnering up with Nudge.

Jessica Toib at Nudge

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We launched our new website

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our new website! We’d love to hear what you think of it.

Check it out here.

Screen Shot of Nudge website

That’s it from us!

Make sure you connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to hear the latest and greatest of what we’re doing, and seeing across the Branded Content + Native Advertising communities. Of course, if you’re thinking of getting started with Nudge, check out our quick guide for getting started, or just shoot us an email to

Until next time!

Gustaf (and the team at Nudge)