Ben Young
Ben Young
July 22, 2022

Edition #375

Anonymous trust, more creator solutions and the autostrada of partnerships.

I’m traveling a bit this summer, so the newsletter won’t be every week 🙂 But as much as I can.

One big thing

I’ve been using a car share app whilst travelling. The first I booked looked up someone had ingested polystyrene and spread it throughout the car. Who would leave a car in such a state. The next however was clean, so away I went. Having swapped sides of the roads three times in the last month.

All these sharing platforms are akin to brand partnerships. We find something listed and think we can use that to achieve what we want. Hopefully there are some reviews/testimonials, the specs are correct. And we can get where we are going.

But brand partnerships are hard. Finding and capitalizing on the points of intersection to a high degree of quality. Do that week in week out. And just one other thing, all your work is in the public domain. So when something goes wrong, it goes wrong.

You might be surprised anyone works in media. But the work is good, it’s challenging, always changing and competitive. These redeeming feature are what bring people back for more.

And occasionally you get the right partnership where everything just clicks, and you’re cruising down the autostrada at 130 kmph. This week we feature a couple of partnerships which just work.

Illimitly partnered with the FT to raise awareness of their offerings. Now it’s not rocket science but it 1) teaches you about the brand. 2) Gets it on your radar as an FT reader. The other is Circular Cities from Bloomberg Media Studios for Holcim, the cement company. Highlighting cities in the race to net zero. Great positioning for the company but also subtle sales, if you’re a city featured and its your mandate, maybe you’ll see what Holcim can offer.

Notable stories this week


  • Spotify to acquire music trivia game Heardle.
  • Podcast platform Acast to acquire Podchaser.
  • StoryChief raises $3.4m

Campaign of the Week

Smartest commentary

  • “..Anonymity was once thought to curb trust, but now it actually promotes it. Actors with an agenda are prevented from altering the narrative, as it’s impossible to buy out the hive mind or to sway the entire community with a false promise…. In community we trust.” –Matt Klein

That’s it for this week.