Ben Young
Ben Young
January 14, 2022

Edition #354
Microcosms, acquisition’s and PGA does content marketing.

One big thing

Welcome to 2022, a year already started with omicron confusion & disruption. Each of us in our microcosms. Microcosm is a great word to sum up operating this year. How can each brand operate in their safe zone. And as each of their competitors pushes that safe zone out, will they follow or not.

We had an influx of subscribers at year end, so a warm welcome to you all. 🙏

Notable stories this week


Campaign of the Week

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Smartest commentary

  • “We know this. Just as we know that the rulers of empires will be kept well informed. What we don’t know is whether democratic publics will have quality news and information that wins their attention and fits their budget.” – Jay Rosen, Journalism Professor, New York University.

Datapoints of note

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