Ben Young
Ben Young
July 28, 2021

The top benefits from content marketing are.

  1. Creating marketing assets that work for you 24/7.
  2. Building trust & authority.
  3. Expanding your mindshare.
  4. Building brand awareness and adoption.
  5. Enhancing your companies understanding of the market.
  6. Feedback leads to product & service innovation or new developments.
  7. Diversifies your marketing mix.
  8. Signals to the market you are a leader,
  9. Attracts talent or enhances your employer brand.
  10. Increases agility, time to market and ability to respond to changes.
  11. Lowers your cost of acquisition and improves LTV.

Comparing your company to your competitors, and the types of content marketing, they do or don’t do as compared to yours, will help uncover the relative gains that could be had.

This is part of ourย Guide to Content Marketing.