Ben Young
Ben Young
February 15, 2023

But wait you say, I have never paid for analytics before, I have always used free solutions available.

You’re not alone, with some of those free solutions retiring and moving to more complex offerings. Many are left wondering what to do. To invest the time to upskill and use the more complex functions, or to evaluate other tools.

Paying nothing is hard to beat (which is why Nudge has a free tier). But the problem with not paying anything for a long period of time, is that the platform isn’t incentivized to bring product improvements and listen to your feedback. There is less alignment between helping you get the most out of the platform. And driving the performance you need.

The same goes internally, you get less engagement and feedback from the platform, so you don’t use it as much. Which is sub optimal. Analytics is vital, as a feedback loop to help you improve. Have you ever found performance has dropped away? Or others grew a bit faster? It’ probably because you didn’t notice the early signs of the change, and missed the opportunity.

So, hopefully you agree, that paying something, is in the interests of everyone.

But the question is, what should you pay? We have pulled together a post which summarizes and digs into what you should pay. Top performers tend to spend more on analytics. Which makes sense. If you were an athlete, you would imagine the top athletes spend more on analysis and improvement.

If you are coming from 0, zip, nothing, set a budget of 2% to start off with. 2% of what you might ask? Maybe 2% of revenue, of 2% of the lead value you create from your project, or just 2% of your budget. If you turn over $25k from a website, maybe start with a budget of $500.

Then the game becomes to beat it, if you spend $500 extra, where and how can that add extra value over time? Better analysis could help you optimize your traffic sources, to grow SEO, or get more paid clicks for your budget. You could find content that you already have, that is performing poorly and fix it up. You could also double down on the best pages. You could find parts of the funnel which are leaky and improve them. The list goes on.

It is a bit of a mindset shift, to go from not paying, to paying, but if you work on the budget first. Then figure out the best way to spend that budget, such that it grows your business. That’s a positive exercise.

And if you’re still not sure, try to free tier of Nudge, to see if you can find improvements. Then upgrade if you’re happy.