Ben Young
Ben Young
June 7, 2024

Edition #452

Is video making a comeback? Meme account acquisitions and lots of attention updates.

Email is a bit late today, it’s been a busy week and hosting the Attention event kept me from putting the finishing touches! Thanks to all who came along, a good group of folk. It’s such early innings in the attention space, it’s neat to see what everyone is building and how they’re learning. Including us.

X announced they are going to do a video only feed, in a way bringing back Vine. That paired with their news not long ago that the Apple TV app is coming back, makes sense. Despite flak, they have continued to execute on the plan put together – and are showing that through their actions. Love it or hate it, it is good to see a company just continue to execute and improve on the platform. That is the path to success.

And on video, Substack had their pivot to video not long ago – and Ben Dietz had in his note, a little video. And I really liked this format. He’s talking on a few concepts and sharing his thoughts, within the context of the newsletter. Check it out.

You follow a newsletter and the creator, this combo just (literally) brings their voice into it.

I also liked the provocation in the second story below, around maybe brands should consider charging for their content. And exploring the trade offs in that. It’s a story / concept I’ve been interested in. And a great thought starter to swirl around, should we be charging for this? If we did, what would happen? Would that actually impact what we are trying to achieve for give greater focus on those results?

And a little congrats to the US Cricket team, what an amazing feat. My grandad would have loved that upset.

Notable stories this week

  • Where is the brand-OpenAI deal?
  • The cost of content in B2B: what if we charged for white papers and other assets?
  • What is the open web anyway?
  • Why the false advertising lawsuit against Poppi is bad news for RMNs.
  • LinkedIn’s publisher revenue share program is entering its next phase.
  • X tweaks rules to formally allow adult content. And will bring a video-only feed.
  • Vidmob integrates Realeyes attention data to its creative data platform.
  • Heineken & Playground xyz partner to find optimal attention & drive real world outcomes.
  • IPG Mediabrands partnership with Adelaide activates new era in media quality management.
  • WSJ plans multimillion dollar brand campaign amid newsroom changes. And WashingtonPost announces newsroom changes.
  • WTF is a financial media network?
  • The cases for and against The Trade Desk’s top 100 list. Publishers vexed by The Trade Desk’s narrow premium list.
  • The Atlantic CEO on signing a deal with OpenAi.
  • Sir Martin Sorrell: Tech platforms are encroaching on clients of large agencies.
  • [Long read] You think you know how misinformation spreads.


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