Ben Young
Ben Young
November 19, 2015

Campaign of the Week:

Working Better: Bite-sized ideas and wisdom from Xerox

Source: The Atlantic


Why we like it:

This Atlantic and Xerox custom feature is on brand, a great publisher fit and drives real utility. The post has ideas for businesses to become more aligned, productive and agile. It gives readers digestible insights from Xerox, based off their new book ‘Working Better’ and positions them as experts within the space.

Quote of the Week

It’s a format that consumers are comfortable with once they’re in the world of an interstitial in an app. As we know there’s a lot of demand…”

– Jonathan Bellack, DoubleClick



Google Adds Programmatic Support For Native Ads

If someone asked you to rattle off the big buzzwords in media, it’s a pretty good bet mobile, native ads and programmatic would be somewhere near the top of your list. Google just knocked down all three in a single gesture.

Source: AdExchanger


When Native Ads and Programmatic Collide

The automation principles of the programmatic ad world are starting to be applied to native advertising. Advertising is a scale business and native advertising is handcrafted.

Source: Digiday


Now & Next: Native Advertising

Ad blockers and disengagement an increasing problem. This feature in ExchangeWire Research focuses on Native Advertising.

Source: ExchangeWire


Johnston Press launches native ads team

During the three-month pilot, Voice Local delivered 59 content marketing campaigns, including for Waitrose. Johnston Press said its native content had already delivered high levels of engagement – in some cases offering eight times the click rate of traditional online advertising.

Source: Brand Republic


Advantages of clearly marked native ads

“There is absolutely no point in trying to trick the visitor, rather there is a big downside as it will have a negative impact on how the brand behind the ad is perceived.”

Source: Native Advertising Institute


The latest episode of ‘South Park’ was about ad blocking and hard-to-distinguish native ads

“Warning: Spoilers!” “South Park” jumped into the ad blocking and native advertising debate during the latest episode on Wednesday night, dubbed “Sponsored Content.”

Watch the episode here.

Source: Business Insider