Ben Young
Ben Young
January 12, 2018

Hello 2018 and a happy new year to you!

The big news as of right now, is the Facebook announcement: to focus the feed on people shared & created content. Sending publishers into a tizzy.

The outtake, as Casey Newton puts, we’re about to find out who has audiences vs traffic. i.e. who has a loyal following and will actually seek them out.

A few other outtakes:

– Facebook traffic quality has been dropping anyway.. so whilst less traffic, quality *could* rise
– CPCs will go up
– *Actual* virality may be a thing again on FB
– It’ll also drive brands to use FB / Insta influencers more, as well as drive adoption of Facebooks own influencer tools.
– This will impact FB video branded content arbitrage.

Read about it in the NY Times.

Notable stories this week


Campaign of the Week

  • Where we drove and why, with Waze on T Brand Studio. I’m a sucker (and this sounds weird read out loud) for data driven content ha. Here’s a fun data point: “You’d expect more people to hit the gym in January — and Waze users did. But they also made 14% more trips to fast-food restaurants at the end of December, compared to the previous four weeks.”

Smartest commentary

  • “Publishers can stay ahead of algorithms and create growth alongside platforms by focusing on what they do best: using branded content and native ads to place brands alongside trusted content,”Kelly Andresen, Get Creative, USA Today

Datapoints of note