Ben Young
Ben Young
September 18, 2014

The clear theme this week is disclosure, with a few articles providing different views. We’ve shared them and included a short write up on our yet to be released study.


Campaign of the Week: 6 Steps to Fewer, Shorter and More Efficient Meetings

Few aspects of corporate culture are more widely disliked and ridiculed than intra-office meetings.

Employees, for the most part, feel that they’re tedious. Managers openly complain about their ineffectiveness. The worst part about meetings? Usually, they lead to more meetings.

Source: Mashable

Why we like it:

A great how to post for busy tech workers. Simple and to the point.


Quote of the Week:

Source: TechCrunch



NYT will run 4 native ads on Mashable

The New York Times has placed a series of native ads on Mashable. It’s the news organization’s first native ad campaign from its audience development group, Times spokesperson Linda Zebian tells Poynter. It has, she said, promoted its content “through advertisements on other sites outside of our own” before.


Source: Poynter


Native ads are getting a direct-response makeover

Native advertising is often used by publishers as a way out of being held to the direct-response metrics that have long been associated with banner ads.

Native was supposed to be a premium ad format that would bolster falling digital CPMs, and it has mainly been viewed as an image-building format. But it was only a matter of time before advertisers would start to demand more than just a lift in awareness or improved reputation and ask for ads that directly drive sales or leads.

Source: DigiDay


Native Ad Transparency – Are We Clear?

Native advertising continues to dominate the digital marketing scene, but are the ads easily identifiable to consumers? And when the content is good, does that even matter?

Last week, Yahoo launched Yahoo Style, the latest addition to its stable of digital magazines that includes publications on food, movies, and tech. The new site offers brands access to Splash Ads, image-rich ad placements that resemble its fashion-specific editorial content.

Source: Clickz


All Native Advertising is Not Equal: Why that Matters Under the First Amendment and Why it Should Matter to the FTC

This article examines the genesis of native advertising and how existing FTC regulations may be applicable to the practice today.


Source: Data Privacy Monitor


Which native ad disclosed itself best?

“This is a write up on our research, it’s part of a wider discussion around disclosures. Please read this early excerpt – with more to follow next week when we release our white paper.”

Publishers still have a lot of work to do before their sponsored content disclosures are up to snuff. While publishers are producing and running sponsored content in greater numbers, one thing they haven’t figured out is how to effectively label their output. Some publishers are particularly overt about it, while others are content with making readers work a little bit harder. And no one’s quite sure which approach works best.

Source: DigiDay




Cooperatize hosts:

What is Native Advertising and How Can It Help Me?

Our speakers will attempt to define what Native Advertising means to them and how they use it – in an abridged pecha kucha / Ignite fashion: 20 slides @ 15 second auto advance.

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The Canadian Journalism Foundation

This kicks off a new season of J-Talks with Native Advertising. This panel discussion is part of the CJF J-Talks series, exploring issues and challenges shaping journalism.

Thursday, 2 October 2014 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM (EDT)
Toronto, Ontario



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