Edition #376 The end of summer, rate of change and why attention and reach is so important.
One big thingFrom the sparse editions received over summer you can tell things were quiet. Now we’re back in the hot seat.If you’re in New York during advertising week this year, I’m hosting some drinks. Details to be announced in due course but leave your email here. We haven’t done this one since 2019, quite a time, but glad to be doing it.Inflation is this hot topic, and what it means for media. On top of the last few years of turmoil. Spend continues to adjust. Valuations of private companies are down, impacting ecommerce and DTC brands. Snap faces pressure and Apple is looking to eat share. Whilst Netflix partners with Microsoft to deliver ads. Needless to say, the rate of change remains normal for media ha.Finally, our thoughts go to the royal family. The Queen, a role model for women and girls around the world will be missed.
Notable stories this week
Smartest commentary
  • “More attention is usually better than less attention in driving desired outcomes. But it’s the outcomes that count. As the Dentsu ‘Attention Economy’ study has so successfully shown, while some ads can, and do, work very well with fleeting glances, other ads, with different objectives, may require more attention to successfully communicate or build memory structures.”Mike Follett, MD, Lumen Research
Datapoints of note That’s it for this week.