Ben Young
Ben Young
February 18, 2022

Edition #358
QR codes, how Fortune got to $100m and attention.

One big thing

The sheer bravery of Coinbase to run that ad in the Super Bowl is to be applauded. Yes it performed well, 20 million visits in one minute. Crashed their site. One quip I saw was that marketing beat engineering! But it might not have.

For those that haven’t seen it here it is. A QR code bouncing around a screen, just like the old DVD logo would. A visual you’ve probably long lost.

Imagine the team signing that off, what if it doesn’t work. What if people just don’t pay attention. Did I really approve that? I’m losing my job if this doesn’t come off. Rather than taking just a 30 second slot going for the full 60 seconds really doubled down. Taking that home, showing their partner, what do you think? Am I crazy.


Yes you are and it worked. Well done.

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