Ben Young
Ben Young
April 16, 2014

We’re excited to announce our partnership with OutBrain.

What do they do?
Links to your content appear as recommendations at the bottom of articles on top publisher sites where people are looking for something new to discover. OutBrain facilitates this.

This means we’re able to use Nudge to help optimize and leverage your content campaigns.

How we work together

We help you understand your best content and can auto optimize your OutBrain campaign to only invest in your best content, which we know creates the most earned media, creating a spiral effect. Spend money on your best content which generates the most engagement. Simple and smart.

What this means is we can help two fold, embrace the 1:15 rule within your content but also auto optimize so that OutBrain is always advertising your best content. They go hand in hand.

CEO Ben Young says, “this is the start of a good thing, it’s a smart move for our clients and to help in the content marketing stack.”