Ben Young
Ben Young
January 22, 2021

One big thing

This week Axios shared the Axios Bill of Rights, their promise to readers. Check it out.

Axios Bill of Rights

I’m always a fan of a mission statement, or an outline of principles, the act of sharing it, itself tells something about the publication. With theirs, the very first one is:

Every item will be written or produced by a real person with a real identity. There will be NO AI-written stories. NO bots. NO fake accounts.

That feels very prescient, as content is going more towards AI, not away from it. And larger media companies will use AI to offset labor costs to create stories. But Axios will not.

Explore the others too, in some respects, they are what you’d expect from an upstanding publisher.

Notable stories this week


Smartest commentary

Datapoints of note

  • Mandalorian clocked 1.34 billion minutes of viewing time Dec 14-20th.
  • Facebook may take a 7% revenue hit from Apple privacy changes.
  • Netflix shows made up 9/10 of the top tv show searches on Google last year and 2/10 for movies.
  • 19 year old has made nearly $3m from Snapchat’s Spotlight.
  • The average eSports fan consumes 7.1 hours of gaming and esports.

That’s it for this week.