Edition #356 Cameo, Microsofts $10b business and carbon emissions.
One big thingMicrosoft brought in $10 billion in ad revenue in the last 12 months. For a combined business that is bigger than Snap & Twitter combined. Yet, what ad options do they have? The first you know of, is LinkedIn. Then Bing Ads, and Search/News advertising revenue was up 32%. LinkedIn itself was up 23% YOY with usage of Linkedup up 22%.Microsoft also recently bought Xandr “we will bring to market new advertising solutions that combine our deep audience understanding and customer base with Xandr’s large-scale data-driven platforms.“Then you have their reach with Xbox. So if you were to sum it up, they reach consumers through their browser on Windows, news properties, LinkedIn, search and gaming.Microsoft shared with with Digiday, “Our greater ambition is to create a trusted, free and open web where everyone can thrive – customers, advertisers, publishers and platforms alike – while adhering deeply to our commitment to strong data governance and consumer privacy practices.”That’s a vision many of us can sign up.
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Smartest commentary
  • “Cameo may look like a celebrity-soaked gimmick, a novelty, but its founders have gleaned something new about what it means to be both a celebrity and a fan in the 21st century.” –Tom Faber, FT
  • Hat tip @faris
Datapoints of note
  • [On Cameo] In 2019, 30,000 celebrities on the platform recorded 350,000 videos. In 2020, 40,000 recorded more than a million videos. In 2021 the number of celebrities surpassed 50,000.
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