Ben Young
Ben Young
November 16, 2023

Nudge enables eCommerce marketers to drive performance on their Product Listing Pages (PLPs) and Product Detail Pages (PDPs).Β This post dives into helping optimize the performance of these pages.

Nudge is an analytics platform, that takes the best of advertising metrics, content, sitemap & site metrics, and delivers them in a real-time dashboard.

The Nudge platform collects metrics like:

  • Scroll
  • Drop off
  • Time to scroll
  • Time to drop off
  • Average scroll
  • Engagement thresholds
  • Engaged bounces

These metrics give eCommerce marketers deeper & actionable insight into how customers are engaging with pages. And enables them to find areas to improve.

For product listing pages, it’s about helping users get to the products they are looking for. For detail pages, it’s about helping them buy that product.

Revisiting Jakob Nielsens books on user experience & eCommerce is worth it. It helps ground research methodologies into real world practice of making sure your store has an effective experience. Read more here.

Nudge data has shown, that attention is correlated to conversion rate. So the aim for eCommerce marketers is to improve the attention on their PLPs and PDPs to maximize the opportunity for conversions.

A bit of a checklist

  • How long are people spending on the pages?
  • What is your attention benchmark?
  • What content formats are working best?
  • Where are they scrolling to? Where do they drop off? Is this impacting conversions?
  • How does behavior vary by device?
  • Are there particular times of day that the content resonates? Does that impact what you should show on the page?

Nudge has found, that text + video work best to maximize conversion rates. If video is not practical for all pages, do invest on the top pages, to help conversion there.

Action points

  • Take the bottom performing pages, and go and improve them.
  • Spend time on the top performing pages, to identify why they are working the best. Roll these changes out to all pages.
  • Review traffic sources, is there inbound traffic sources driving better quality engagement.

If you are an eCommerce marketer wanting to optimize your pages, try Nudge. 70% of users get set up within 10 minutes. Add your domain, install the tracking code & get your data. The Nudge metrics close the loop on the feedback potential customers are already telling you, with their behavior. Taking onboard this feedback, only helps to improve performance.

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