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How Nudge helps eCommerce

Content is king but eCommerce stores are drowning in content. From blog posts to each product listing. Where do you start? With Nudge you can find what content is driving quality pre-conversion. Then use that blueprint to prioritize.

Nudge provides high fidelity data on each product listing and piece of content marketing. This enables precise investments to drive business results. Armed with this data eCommerce brands can invest accordingly into improving results.

With a simple easy to use dashboard, anyone on the team can become a data scientist. Insights make reporting a breeze. And engagement metrics help improve product promotion efforts. Give your store a Nudge.


Benefits for eCommerce


Identify the performance of your product listings.


See what content listings carry their weight and where they can be improved.


Identify the performance of content marketing efforts.


Optimize your paid efforts to that which drive engagement.

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eCommerce FAQs

Using a piece of javascript that gets added to your websites code.
Understanding how customers interact with your store is the best piece of data in to find where you can improve. Read more on quality metrics.