Ben Young
Ben Young
October 28, 2022

Use an analytics platform like Nudge. This involves putting a piece of code on your website, to measure the customer engagement from each traffic source. This will quantify how many people are coming from a traffic source but also how engaging they are. Do they scroll? How much attention do they pay to your page? Are they converting?

Seeing this for each traffic source, enables you to make better decisions around allocating time & resources to each source. Maybe you need to double down on one, or stop investing in another.

You can improve granularity by using UTM parameters on your URLs when you share them on different platforms, to further breakout by creative, ad campaign etc. Most analytics systems will support UTM parameters these days.

Nudge enables you to get customer insights with ease, diving straight into how customers are engaging, what they’re paying attention to, where they’re coming from, on what devices. And then it makes analysts jobs easier by synthesizing the data into insights, so you can get from insight to action faster.