Ben Young
Ben Young
November 11, 2022

The biggest cause of discrepancies between Adobe and Google Analytics, is the users that leave before a page has finished, and one analytics system has loaded but the other has not yet. Discrepancies of a few percentage are reasonable. If there is a large discrepancy (like 10% or more) you need to investigate.

Ideally there should be no discrepancy between two analytics system on the same website. But they do happen for the aforementioned reason. There can also be different metrics, which may sound the same but are measured differently. As well as different configurations and cookie durations.

The reasons for discrepancies can include:

  • Accidental clicks
  • People hit stop before the page has loaded, or close the tab
  • People load the page but the analytics didnโ€™t load before they left
  • Too many scripts loaded by the destination page
  • Different metrics definitions/methodologies
  • Difference in load time/speed between two scripts

A reasonable click discrepancy is >15%. If it is a lot higher you may want to adjust your campaign, either the settings, the creative or the destination page.

High discrepancies can be caused by:

  • Slow page speed, make sure your page is fast to load.
  • Mobile clicks, users tend to cancel more, experience slower network and/or leave before the page loads.

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This is part of ourย Guide to Analytics discrepancies.