Ben Young
Ben Young
May 30, 2024

Edition #451

On how group chats have been a big plus in our digital social lives, the open internet is growing and branded condos?

I liked this Twitter post on how good group chats are and how to run them. At this stage we’re all in a few, and I just liked the summary, as it highlighted the exact things the best group chats do. Including having sub-rooms or chats for specific topics, or the one or two folks who continually bring new stories into it.

I must say group chats tend to bring the most joy and fun of any ‘social media’ experience. Banter within the group, debate, but also the speed, if there’s a breaking story, you don’t even need to go to Twitter, because someone has already dropped it in. Even if it is a Twitter link. That’s kind of neat.

Also, how many times are you saying LLM in a week? A completely new word/phrase/acronym. But it’s now in the vernacular all the time. Funny huh. Also, have to give a mention to the astute naming of Llama, Metas LLM. Smart.

I just can’t wait for LLM 2.0, we all know that’ll be WAY better, the same as Web 2.0 was 😉

Notable stories this week

  • On how group chats rule the world (and how to run them).
  • Elle is opening its first branded condos.
  • The value of the open internet is growing in the eyes of advertisers.
  • The Atlantic & Vox Media ink licensing product deals with OpenAI.
  • Creators are pioneering a new way of brand building: audience orientation.
  • Morning Brew on why it’s sticking with direct.
  • Gary Vaynerchuk on the ‘Tiktokification’ of social media.
  • Inside the New York Times’ plans to correlate attention levels to other metrics.
  • AP expands local content partnerships ahead of 2024 election.
  • Marketers take drastic measures as ad tech snafus erupt.
  • How sending fewer emails and content previews improved The New Yorker’s newsletter engagement.
  • “We are now a performance business’’: DoubleVerify’s CEO on expanding beyond brand safety.
  • Google confirms the Search API leaks are real.
  • Perion shutters Content IQ, its made-for-advertising division.
  • Attribution and granular targeting top buyers wish list for Netflix’s adtech.

Campaign of the week

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Smartest commentary

  • “I come up with tons of random ideas, intuition-wise, and I post them, and I come up with tons of ideas that are extracted from the insights of the data. You’ll never create something new if you only go with yesterday’s data. And by the same token, if you’re not using yesterday’s data to inform your next decision, you’re leaving incredible insights on the table.”Gary Vaynerchuk.

Datapoints of note


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