Ben Young
Ben Young
December 3, 2021

Edition #350
14 business days left in the year, what the new year holds.

One big thing

If you take off between Christmas & New Years, there’s only 14 days left in 2021!

What sort of things are you thinking about for the new year? If anything, I’m planning ahead on a few breaks, to keep me fresh.

Sorting through the stories the last few months, it’s clear Web3 is going to continue to dominate conversations, with regulatory risk potentially take the wind out of the sails at some point. Advertising has yet to find its role in the newer ecosystem but with scale, always comes ads. As for content, the challenge for teams is creating content meaningfully in these new destinations whilst maintaining quality (and capability within their team).

From us at Nudge, I’d be remiss to not remind you to revisit your measurement plans to align with upcoming activity 🙂

Would love to share readers thoughts or opinions for the year ahead. Just send my way.

Notable stories this week


Campaign of the Week

Smartest commentary
  • “Marketers need a new plan of action that puts creativity before quantity, audience before engine, and sets connection as the top priority”Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO, Casted.

Datapoints of note

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