Edition #364 Food content creators, new Twitter ad types and misleading numbers.
Have any readers worked on a virtual world branded experience? Or could you connect me with someone that has? Things like Nikeland on Roblox. Would love a connect.We’re also going to restart small events in NY. Will share more details as they come in. If anyone wants to cohost, let me know.One big thingI’ve had a few ask recently on trends in branded content. And one that’s a bit of an undercurrent, is going wide and deep with newsletters to build strong engagement as part of a plan.Not necessarily branded content but a great place to distribute and bring niche audiences in to branded content.Platforms like Hecto, Paved, SponsorGap & SwapStack are reducing friction to finding and buying them. In general there is still an over index of smaller creators. And the need for more I guess, middle sized newsletters.An easy win for any newsletter, is to have an advertise page. In many lists for top newsletters to follow. Anecdotally 1-2/10 of newsletters have such a page.
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