Ben Young
Ben Young
March 29, 2024

Edition #442

Agencies restricting AI use in contracts, LinkedIn goes TikTok? And the traffic firehose isn’t coming back.

Amidst news about Accenture booking an insane amount of GenAI projects, AdAge shared how advertisers are placing more restrictions on their partners when it comes to AI in their work.

Which makes sense, remove that risk by specifying in the contract. Am I surprised? Not really, I can see easier to say blanket no, and remove the risk, then over time add in provisions for set use cases.

It adds a funny dynamic though, no please don’t be more efficient with these. But equally it puts the onus on them to show how, where and why it should be used.

Pixalate also pointed to a 47% increase in programmatic ad fraud in 2023. A whopping amount. You have to imagine AI tools are only powering this more and more. AI crawlers could also be inadvertently making a chunk of these clicks.

The FT also launched a chat interface, to query the archives. A subscriber feature. What a great idea/feature for the heaviest users. I’m curious to see the sort of user adoption on this, in my mind it is a subset of site search, but maybe much deeper user sessions.

And Marc Pritchard had a good piece on LinkedIn this week, on how media grows markets. Worth a read.

Notable stories this week


  • Triton Digital acquires Sounder, enhancing audio advertising capabilities.

Campaign of the week

  • Jason Momoa discovering he is 2% Irish! Caught that this was shot in New Zealand too.

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Smartest commentary

  • “There’s a way of growing markets that doesn’t get the attention it deserves: MEDIA. Media grows markets yet is perhaps one of the most underrated and underused ways of accelerating market growth. It’s generally the largest spending element in the marketing mix and can have a significant impact on market growth—positive or negative—but is often considered an expense to be cut when there are profit problems. However, when done well, media investment is a revenue generator that can make markets bigger.”Marc Pritchard, P&G.

Datapoints of note

  • This advertisers study found, participating brands averaged a whopping 44,000 websites per campaign.
  • Over 70% of the 3 million signups Peacock received for its exclusive NFL playoff game are still signed up for the service.
  • 83% of marketers use AI.
  • Click fraud rose 47% in 2023. 25% of clicks for all open programmatic advertising were invalid in Q4 2023.
  • MrBeasts production company is pulling in between in around $600 million to $700 million per year.
  • The first streaming show built on Business Insider reporting is a huge hit. “Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV has been watched by more than 16 million viewers, according to ID and Max/discovery+, with the largest audience of an unscripted series since the launch of Max.”
  • Accenture reports $600m of booked projects for GenAI.
  • New York Times Audio exceeds one million downloads.
  • The Economists cut-price Espresso digital edition app is averaging 22k subscribers.
  • More than half of Americans are using ad blocking software, and among advertising, programming, and security professionals that fraction is more like two-thirds to three-quarters.

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That’s it for this week.