Ben Young
Ben Young
August 28, 2017

Native content is the future. All brands are adjusting their marketing communications to content and in turn native. This is a ground floor opportunity to come in and drive the sales of Nudge.

Nudge is a native content platform that helps brands understand the impact of their content. The full toolkit ranges from analytics, to distribution optimization to attribution. We even have a CommonSenseBot, a bot that checks content for anything impacting performance.

We are seeking an Account Executive to come in and take the reins on our growth efforts. We have an existing inside sales model, leads flowing in, product/market fit, we’re just missing a superstar like yourself.

This is a great role for the right person, we have a product which actually does what it says it will do (it’s weird that this is rare – but apparently so) a great international team and an existing pipeline of leads waiting.

We do bridge a couple of customer sets, from publisher to brands/agencies, as we grow the team specialization will come in – but for now it is a generalist specialist type role. You show initiative, will take the lead, speak up when something needs to be said – and supported by the team.

Culturally we are data-lead/informed (and very entrepreneurial), we have a weekly heartbeat meeting, where we share the data on how the company has performed, across all departments. We don’t mind out of work social activities and have get togethers with the whole team a few times/year.

We are very experiment driven, constantly trying new and creative ways to lift performance, further we all participate in how the product gets shaped and improved.

Right person:

  • Proven leader
  • Hungry, positive attitude
  • Understands the metrics inside and out
  • Knows the numbers
  • Constantly looking to improve
  • Helps us build the inside sales model
  • Gets us from where we are to where we’re going
  • Effective communicator
  • Knows the digital landscape
  • Sales geek


  • Driving sales
  • Developing key partnerships & growing
  • Managing forecasts and keeping our sales models up to date
  • Providing feedback from clients for improving product
  • Identifying new opportunities for growth

What our hiring process for this role looks like:

  • Initial call
  • Chat with a few of our advisors
  • Test pitch with a friendly client
  • Team meet

Contact to apply.