Willem Ockhuysen
Willem Ockhuysen
February 21, 2014

Because this blog post is about saving time, I will keep it short.

Most of us start our work day with checking emails, right? As we all know this can be a very time consuming task. Especially sorting through the relevant emails, and the junk.

This first tool only needs to be used once, and its one of my top tips for saving time.
You will be amazed at how many email subscription lists you are enrolled in, trust me!

This fantastic web tool shows all of your email subscriptions and lets you instantly unsubscribe from the ones you don’t want, with one click. It’s so satisfying, like clearing out the old food in the fridge.

This next app is an efficient way to start everyday.

Lets you quickly and easily read, delete, respond, delegate or defer it for later. You can tend to the important emails straight away, and the less important ones at a later date.


From the articles I stumble across while checking emails I have a quick skim through to see if any catch my attention. If they do, my next tool comes into play.

Lets is a short-term bookmarking app that syncs across all of your devices. With offline caching you can view those lengthy articles or videos when you have some downtime, no matter where you are. It even strips down the content and displays it in a beautifully simple and clear view.


After a few articles have been stored away and social media has been checked its time to shut these off for a while, so I don’t get distracted. That brings me to the next tool on the list.

Self Control
Lets you temporarily block access to those time consuming sites that you know you shouldn’t be checking constantly but somehow always find yourself on. Just enter the urls, and how long you want to block yourself, then be amazed at how much work you churn out!

Self Control

Now that the morning routines are out of the way, the most important start to a productive day should be to make a list, right? You can’t beat this next tool for note taking and organisation.

Is the ultimate organisation tool. It lets you store everything, whether it’s meeting notes, working documents, a photo, a receipt, an article from a website, you can add tags, place them in a separate folder and easily find it later. It’s backed up and available on all your devices. It can take a little while to get your head around how it works, but it is definitely worth it.


This last tool is a must have add on for your email account that you can set and forget.

This tool is a Gmail add-on that pulls up information on someone from their email address and displays it where the Google ads would be. It shows information like what city they live in, job title, picture, LinkedIn profile, Twitter account etc. Great way to put a face to the name.


I hope some of these tools that I use everyday can help you stop wasting time on the small things so you can spend more time on the things you enjoy.