We’re pretty overt about this, we have a free version of Nudge it’s actually right over here:Right there on our homepage.This is actually pretty powerful, the reason is in it’s flexibility. You can put any url in there and get data.This is super helpful and lets you begin to make comparisons.Here’s 101 ways to use Nudge
  1. Check out your competitors campaigns.  Sure you don’t have analytics on it but now you do.
  2. Compare your homepage versus others.  Are you as talked about as you thought?
  3. Settle office bets, whose submission to the blog did the best.
  4. Compare paid content (or advertorials), past and present, yours and competitors, verticals.  So many use cases.
  5. YouTube Analytics, avoid the YouTube view delay, understand the performance straight away.
  6. SoundCloud Analytics, same again, very quickly see how your audio is working.
  7. Tumblr Analytics, see where else your Tumblr is being talked about.
  8. Vimeo Analytics, again, compare the performance of content on Vimeo versus others.
  9. Campaign Analytics, see how your campaign did, compare yours versus that big Superbowl one.
  10. String metrics together, combine ours with views, or listens to calculate engagement.
  11. Figure out your earned media value, simply compare the cost of the alternative, what would it have cost to get that earned impressions via paid channels.
  12. Build Top 10 Lists, want to find the best content on anything? Use it to find your own.  Who did the best recipe on Buffalo Wings?  Who did the best review of the Expendables?  Which blogger is actually the best?
  13. Evaluate paid content media spend, look at the last few campaigns on a site to get an understanding of how yours may perform.  You may change your spend before you even spend it.
  14. Use it to decide what content to license, who wrote it best?
And we’re out! Like any good 101 list we got to about 14.  Check back periodically as we update it.Have any? Submit to @giveitanudge on Twitter and we’ll give you a little treat plus recognition with a link above.