Ben Young
Ben Young
March 28, 2023

A low conversion rate means that less people are completing the conversion actions, compared to before. This could be a configuration issue, and/or a change in the dynamics of traffic.ย You need to diagnose this change, which is where your analytics system comes in helpful.

Create a spreadsheet, for a date range, from before the conversion rate dropped and after. Then pull some of these metrics.

  • Conversion by traffic source, and conversion by traffic source by device.
  • Conversion by geography.
  • Conversion by time of day.
  • Conversion by piece of content, or URL/internal source.

These should help you find where air is potentially leaking from the system โ€“ and in turn decreasing your conversion rate. Leading to a low conversion rate.


Is the conversion process easy to complete?

Another thing to do, is ask yourself. Is the conversion action itself reasonable? Maybe the ask is too much upfront. Or the process itself is too onerous. Consider making the conversion actions easier and more streamlined for users to complete.


Be aware of configuration issues

It could be a recent webpage update has broken the conversion tracking code. So do complete a QA on the code to make sure it is firing correctly.


This is part of our Guide to Conversion Rate.