Ben Young
Ben Young
October 21, 2022

A good place to start, is to spend some time digesting other forms of writing, that work masterfully at distilling data and insight into a report. Quarterly reports for public companies are a good place for this. Download half a dozen, print them out, grab a highlighter and a cup of coffee. And spend a few hours reading them, highlighting how they articulate things. How they weave data and high impact writing together.

That’s what a good marketing report should do, is very succinctly explain what has happened, the impact on the business and what should be done next.

Another place is to look at Axios, they work well to communicate stories in a succinct manner. Presenting things as facts without judgement.

You could also use Hemingway App, which is a tool that analyses your writing on the fly. It can be harder for technical documents but can help improve your writing of the summary, objective, key findings etc. It’s probably not going to like the industry lingo and acronyms. Other than that, it can be a great tool to level up your writing.