Ben Young
Ben Young
November 18, 2022

A successful content marketing strategy is one that delivers on the companies strategic objectives. It is tailored to what the company is trying to achieve and either delivers on that, or provides progress on the objective.

Outwardly there are other things that can make it more successful, but delivering on the above makes it a successful strategy. And sets content marketing up for enduring value.

Elements of a successful strategy:

  • A solid understanding of the customer and their problems
  • A map of the customer journey
  • Analytics, to understand progress and make predictions
  • Good content, and the team to create it
  • A relentless focus on performance
  • Resource for optimizing content & distributing it
  • A plan for reporting and analysis
  • Articulating how this will drive performance for non marketers

Use of Analytics helps provide context for any strategy, an idea of progress, the ability to predict success and to hold teams accountable.