Ben Young
Ben Young
October 28, 2022

It all starts with the data collection, collecting the data and insights to feed into the system. Where it gets super valuable, is the internal analysis, that overlays, how marketing has really worked for you. Building your internal scorecards for performance, benchmarks from prior work. To help inform and shape what success in the future will look like. These enable your teams to have an advantage over the competitors, as you’re not just operating from market intel but your own intelligence.

At the core of any marketing intelligence system is a data room, where reports, insights & data are stored. To make it easily available.

Elements in your system:

  • A set process for collecting, curating and storing data.
  • Insight and analysis over the data
  • Summaries/memos distributed to key stakeholders with insights found
  • A collection of analytics & intelligence partners, who feed into your system
  • Defined time and resource for it
  • A key understanding of the business objectives (for which the system feeds into)

The term system can make it confusing, really this is a collection of tools, processes and data, that help deliver the marketing intelligence. There is no one size fits all, its about what works for your marketing objectives.