Ben Young
Ben Young
November 4, 2022

At the start of a campaign, metrics you may consider are:

  • Reach, how many people are we getting in front of
  • Attention, how long people are engaging for each click.
  • Average Scroll, how are customers consuming the page and content.
  • Engagement rate, what customers do on the page, and if they click out, to make a purchase, or sign up to webinar etc.
  • Conversion rate, rate at which people take the desired action.
  • Bounce rate, are people staying, but use a bounce rate that captures if people leave even without clicking a link. Like Nudge does.

The reason being, at the start, you have the opportunity to adjust your media mix. To those that are the best performing. So consider these.

Others you may want to dive into, that help inform your distribution:

  • What devices people are engaging on
  • Top traffic sources
  • What time of day and day of week are people engaging

These all help get an idea of what’s performing. So you can adjust the marketing mix. A pro-tip, would be to estimate what your performance would have been if you didn’t swap the spend. And then compare that against your actual. In a lot of use cases, quick analysis upfront can help yield an extra 15-20% of performance through the whole campaign.