Ben Young
Ben Young
October 14, 2022

The biggest mistakes B2B SAAs startups make with content marketing are:

  • Not keeping the customer at the core of the content.
  • Not distributing the content enough.
  • Not putting calls to action in the content. Not making the content accessible.
  • Not creating content relevant to the customer. Not benchmarking their content.
  • Not analyzing the content with data.
  • Not being accountable for the business results.
  • Accepting low quality traffic

This would cover the bulk of mistakes people tend to make.ย 


Low quality traffic eats your budget

One that particularly can suck a lot of budget, is using low quality traffic promotion, which may drive โ€˜page loadsโ€™ but not real user engagement.

Either because there is high fraud, lots of accidental clicks or no real intent from the user to engage. This can be an easy one to fix.ย 


This is part of ourย Guide to Content Marketing for SAAS.