Ben Young
Ben Young
November 4, 2022

In executing branded content initiatives, here are some best practices to consider:

1) The brand should be integral to the content.

If you took the brand away, the content wouldn’t make sense. This is a strong pillar to achieve.

2) Trust your partners.
Your partners who are often creating the content, are the people who create content day in day out for the audience. Trust them and give them creative room, to deliver on your objectives.

3) Set tight objectives upfront.
We’ve seen people set KPIs after the content has created. Be clear about your objectives and how you’ll measure success upfront. As this does inform the content creation process.

4) Include multiple calls to action.
Calls to action, help gently nudge the end-user who the content was created for. This helps drive brand recall but also any downstream conversion events.

5) Fast loading.
Brands can sometimes go overboard in their content creation. Make sure the content can load fast – and is snappy. There typically are thousands or tens of thousands of different computer setups looking at your content. The faster loading it is, the better experience they will have.

6) Use independent consistent measurement.
To get consistent measurement across all of your content consider using a platform like Nudge. You are holding your content accountable to the market. Not just the prior execution you did or the partner did.

7) Check industry benchmarks.
Depending on your industry, different content, at different times of the day resonates the best. Check the latest benchmarks for your industry.

8) Plan to iterate.
Build into your plan, the ability to iterate, so you can adjust as you go and improve your results. This requires time, resource and preparation.

9) Plan to reuse year to year.
If a piece of content is really really good, you might want to dust it off and spend part of next year’s budget to improve it.

10) Mix up the content types.
Lists, quizzes, image galleries, videos. They all have a place in time. Be sure to mix it up in your plan, so you can understand what resonates the best for you.

11) Distribute, distribute, distribute.
If you’ve invested in content, make sure you get all the eyeballs on it. You want to aim for five to one. Five dollars on promoting your content for every dollar you spent creating it.