Ben Young
Ben Young
November 4, 2022

YouTube is a good example of the attention economy. It lets content creators upload content from all around the world, then serves the most relevant content to each of its users. The content that cuts through then gets a share of advertising revenue.Β 

Facebook is another good example, we all visit to see content from others that have been uploaded. Facebook sells part of our attention to advertisers, as long as their content is good enough for our attention.

New creator models are splitting the revenue with the creators.

It seems like all major media platforms are becoming attention brokers – and it is a competition for who can do it the best. Who provides the best user experience, attracts & retains users, businesses and creators.


If you are interested in how your own work creates attention, you might be interested in Nudge. Nudge provides analytics on any digital property, it measures metrics like attention, measured second by second, scroll, drop off & engagement thresholds. 70% of users get set up within 10 minutes.