Ben Young
Ben Young
October 7, 2022

This is best answered by starting with, what are you trying to achieve? Anchoring in that makes it a lot easier.

To get to that, answer a few questions:Β 

  • What is your objective or strategy?Β 
  • What will you create or do, to deliver on that strategy?
  • What will consumers do, to tell you that you your strategy is successful?Β 

It can be as simple as writing down each step that your customer will take. Typically this makes it obvious as to what you should track. You could even do a flow chart to help visualize this.

As you evaluate what analytics to track, you should think about two sides of the coin between quantify and quality metrics. Quality metrics help you understand how well a metric is going, for example, attention on a piece of content. If you have 100 people that spend 5 seconds of attention on your content, versus another piece that had the same amount of people but they spent 20 seconds of attention. That is instructive.Β 

Typically any strategic analytics focus will capture:

  • How many people did we reach
  • What did they do when we reached them, clicked through, engaged with our experience, took a next step i.e. CTR, attention and conversion rate.

Then, to get savvy and find areas of opportunity you can go deeper and start to benchmark your activities, or create A/B tests.Β