Ben Young
Ben Young
February 13, 2023

Some of the ways we see people using analytics:

  • Pin the dashboard, as a tab, and visit each day to see how performance is going today.
  • To identify urls that need improvement, or see how your content is performing.
  • To get insights onto how customers are engaging
  • To prove the ROI of efforts
  • To predict the success of future projects, using older data
  • To build benchmarks
  • To help articulate to others how well your work is doing
  • To justify current budget, or to help acquire more budget
  • To upskill juniors on the team
  • To optimize content distribution or PPC efforts.
  • To optimize social media clicks.
  • To set KPIS, or keep track of KPIs.
  • To see how work creates business results (conversions/leads/purchases).
  • To quantify the media value of a campaign
  • For internal competitions
  • To see how documentation performs
  • To identify products which are resonating
  • See how employees are engaging with intranets
  • To measure branded content with partners
  • To see how campaigns are performing
  • To get transparency with influencers
  • To validate and test content strategies or tactics
  • To power internal scorecards