Ben Young
Ben Young
October 14, 2022

Not all of us have the same access to the depth of analysis that enterprise marketers have. In fact it is agencies that often have the most depth, as they can spread the investment across multiple clients – and have a breadth of experience. Some of the tech companies can also afford the investment here and have large data science teams.

Some of the behaviors enterprise teams exhibit, that we could all learn from:

Benchmarking is a common thread, they have the resource, to continuously benchmark and find areas of opportunity, based on these benchmarks.

Making predictions, from the data they have, making predictions on the types of ROI they’ll get from upcoming initiatives. Then use the variance from that, to inform learnings.

Block lists, they often have lists of vendors/partners they won’t work with. Based on prior results. These companies usually never know, are just frustrated why they haven’t created business with them.

Internal scorecards, scorecards for each initiative, so that anyone on the team can score performance, and maintain quality.

Very strategic, they keep everything anchored in the strategic objectives of the company. And are very good at articulating how and why initiatives are linked to the strategy.

Continuously evaluate new opportunities & have an experimentation program, they are always in market, seeing what is going on, collecting information and finding new opportunities to try.

Upskilling, not all are good at this, but in general, the teams keep ups killing themselves.

Custom models, they usually have a custom model, which they are trying to plug all initiatives into, to see how it performs. In partners, they want to get access to data in the right formats, to plug into this model.