Ben Young
Ben Young
November 25, 2015

Campaign of the Week:

11 Reasons Black Friday Is An Actual Workout

Source: Buzzfeed


Why we like it:

Afraid you will feel bad after eating all that food on Thursday? Don’t worry, Buzzfeed gives you 11 reasons why Black Friday is a real work out with this sponsored post by Pedialyte.

Quote of the Week

Publishers say they’re not out to eat agencies’ native content lunch – they just want to share it.”

– Ad:tech London, 2015



Why going halfsies on the native content lunch is the way forward

Speaking on a panel at the event, two major publishers, News UK and The Economist, were keen to point out that media agencies have nothing to fear, as publishers are not out to steal native content briefs from them. However, they did insist that more collaboration is needed to make native advertising a more successful part of the marketing mix.

Source: Fourth Source


Arianna Huffington outlines the next chapter of The Huffington Post’s overseas expansion

“The more ad blocking becomes a big issue, the more brands are looking for emotionally resonant campaigns, and not just the typical banner ads.”

Source: Digiday


Introducing native video ads beta

For publishers, native video ads, or in-stream video ads, bring together the monetization potential of video ads with the seamless user experience of native display ads.

Source: mopub


Mashable Shop Is a Native Ad That’s Also an Online Store

On Cyber Monday Mashable will open Mashable Shop on its site. And in a native advertising spin on e-commerce, the new e-commerce section of will be sponsored by Visa and incorporate the company’s Visa Checkout payment service.

Source: AdAge


StackAdapt: Native advertising outperforms display ads; B2B trailing in adoption

“B2B companies have to improve their native advertising efforts because brands that succeed are the storytellers…”

Source: B2B News Network